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Competent, committed, and caring... that’s Christine Schneider. Christine is an excellent massage therapist who graduated from the Swedish Institute and has continued her training in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and myofacial release. In addition, Christine is an accomplished singer who has studied with me for over seven years. She knows well what singers complain of and how to help them. I have collaborated with her on treatment of patients with musculoskeletal problems as well as muscle tension dysphonia. She is a total professional and it is without hesitation that I recommend her.

Joan Lader, M.A. (Voice Therapist/Teacher)

I am always so thrilled to recommend Christine and her extraordinary work. I first became aware of Christine during the run of "Gentleman's Guide", when her name was whispered with great reverence in the dressing rooms. It seemed that she'd become everyone's "secret weapon" in addressing the rigors of the Broadway grind. 

Peak performance as a singer requires a body/instrument free from asymmetry, shortened musculature, and compensatory tensions. My students always return from Christine not only recalibrated physically, but empowered with information about their own unique patterns of tension.

Mike Ruckles - Voice Teacher, SVS

First and foremost, Christine is one of the lovliest people you’ll ever meet! Her skills as a myofascial release therapist are tops. In my work as a voice therapist, many of my patients carry excessive tension in their bodies and especially in the throat, jaw, or tongue. For performers, this can have a detrimental effect on their singing or acting or can cause considerable discomfort. When they work with Christine, she finds the source of tension and uses her techniques to relieve it. All are unanimous in their praise of  Christine and her excellent work. I endorse her wholeheartedly!

Shirley Tennyson, M.A., CCC-SLP

Christine is a treasure and I have been lucky enough to experience her deeply efficient work both personally and professionally.

She is the best combination of empathy, knowledge and professionalism I can think of. I first met her in the middle of a personal medical crisis, a few months after heavy thoracic surgery and she literally helped me restore my breathing capacity by addressing both my emotional and physical trauma and distress. Of course, as a vocal coach, it was invaluable to find someone who has an impeccable knowledge of the vocal technique and could take me back to confidence.

When I refer one of my students to her, I know that she will immediately pinpoint what needs to be addressed and I can see the transformation and increasing ease in their singing technique very quickly.

Sophie Lair-Berreby, Vocal Coach, Manhattan, NY

I've known Christine for years, first as a wonderful singing actress, and then as a wonderful massage wonderful, that when I have a performance of any kind coming up, I try to schedule with her ASAP, so she can do all those magical things to open me up and help me sing as well as possible. She's a wonderful massage therapist by anyone's definition, but her understanding of what singers need gives a depth and precision to her work which is certainly invaluable to me.

Steven Lutvak

After visiting Christine for my first vocal massage and hearing and feeling such a drastic improvement in my singing, I realized how badly I had needed this in my self-care routine all along.  This is not your typical poke, prod and knead massage that leaves you feeling the same way you did before.  I always hear noticeable differences in my speaking voice immediately, but when I get home I can feel that my singing is significantly less effortful, my neck and jaw feel as if they've been sprayed with WD-40, I sleep better and I even stop craving sugar when I'm stressed!  I recommend Christine to all of my students who have TMJ or singing-related jaw tension and they are always 100% satisfied and relieved to have found her.  

Jen DeRosa, Vocal Coach

I highly recommend Christine, both for her full body massage and especially for her specialization in Vocal Massage. If you have any vocal problems, I am confident that she can help you. I'm a professional multi-vocalist (beatboxer) and I use my vocal apparatus in a lot of unique ways. Christine really helped me understand my voice better, explaining the connections and approaching muscles that become overworked and need to be worked on. Christine has been my therapist for a while, and I am always happy with her work.

RIZUMIK | rhythm in music, 2012 American Beatbox Champion

Christine is a singer's lifesaver. After working with her, I feel less fatigued and my teaching improves. I've sent her many voice clients who have all been amazed at the results. Their tension begins to release and they start to find more freedom in their sound. She is a necessity for any professional voice user!

Amanda Flynn MM, CAS, Voice Instructor

I am currently a singer in an extremely vocally demanding show and receiving massages from Christine has helped me tremendously. She has a beautiful gift in her ability to tune in to your energy and to what your body is needing, both physically and emotionally. I always feel comfortable, open, and safe in her hands. I was completely unaware of how many muscles we actually use when we sing and how amazing it can be for overall vocal health to have those worked. I can notice an immediate difference in my performance ; I sing with less tension and stress, my breathing is less constricted, and I am generally more aware of how a relaxed and healthy instrument should feel. After a session with Christine, I truly feel uplifted and rejuvenated in my body, my soul, and my art. Thank you Christine!!!!

Chelsey K.

Christine knows what a body needs to perform at it's best. As a singer, her laryngeal massage is so much more thorough and specific than a regular (though always welcome) neck massage. It gets my voice back to square one, relaxing it in a way I can't do on my own. As a dancer, her knowledge of musculature and her observation of the way I walk and stand allows her to get to the source of my pain (which is often not where I feel the pain) and work from there. Whenever I leave Christine's table, I feel reset and balanced again

Mara D.

Over the course of my singing career, I have struggled with chronic pain in my neck, shoulder and jaw. With Christine's help, I have been able to significantly reduce this pain and now it is virtually nonexistent. Being a singer herself, Christine helped me realize the important role that massage plays in the upkeep of my stressed and overused voice. After her sessions, I feel instant and substantial relief in all of my troubled areas, as well as overall relaxation. I am now benefitting from increased comfort in my voice, allowing me to sing better than I have in years. As an added bonus, my sleep has been more sound than ever before. Whether you have a little stress here and there or you are suffering from chronic pain as I have been, I highly recommend Christine as someone who can help. Thank you Christine!

Ryan A.

Christine is a terrific Massage therapist. My husband and I have both had her massages and we are always very happy with the results. My husband and I have completely different issues, both of us have felt that those individual issues were addressed with each of us. She doesn't give the same massage to everyone - she really listens to your body and works with what you need. Christine makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of. I would recommend her to anyone.

Jane B.

Dear Christine,
You are a uniquely special person, full of warmth, compassion, talent, and intelligence. I thought I would never sing again and you gave me my voice back!!! You are such a blessing to me and to all you help. May many blessings come to you on your wonderful journey.
With gratitude and love

Cathy G.

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Christine Schneider is the go to voice massage therapist for the Broadway Community. As a speech-pathologist, I rely on her as a valued member of our community to help reduce and prevent the recurring muscle tension that inhibits the quality of life and performance abilities of my clients and patients. I've also utilized Christine's services to help keep me in top vocal shape during vocally demanding teaching periods to offset vocal fatigue and ensure all day vocal freedom.  Her online program is a distillation of her in-studio magic and an excellent way to help ensure folks can participating in their own healing process between sessions." 

Tom Burke, MS CCC SLP 

Speech-Language Pathologist, Broadway Voice Teacher, Corporate Coach for Google and the TED Institute. 

“Christine came and taught a series of self-care workshops to my undergraduate students at UArts. She was an absolutely wonderful addition to my teaching syllabus that fall, so much so, in fact, that my students requested she come back for another workshop that spring! She's an incredibly knowledgable practitioner who is able to break down the complicated anatomy and physiology of the voice and body into meaningful information for the young performer. Everything Christine said in the workshop was an excellent supplement to the information I provide in the voice studio, and it was nice to have the students hear the same thing I've said from someone else! My students walked away from the workshop with a plethora of tools and tricks to release their own musculature in a healthy and effective way. Many commented that after the workshop, they added Christine's massage techniques into their rehearsal and performance warm up and/or cool down routines. She is bright and friendly. She is positive and encouraging. She is intelligent and thoughtful while being attentive to both adhering to her presentation as well as listening to the energy and questions in the room and diverting accordingly. Without hesitation, I would recommend Christine to any voice teacher or program looking for new information and techniques for their clients or students.”

Jenna Pastuszek

University of the Arts Philadelphia PA

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NYC Pricing-

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60 Minute- $200

90 Minute- $250

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Wednesdays 9am-4pm 

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NYC Pricing - 

30 minute - $100

60 minute - $160

90 minute - $220

NYC Availability

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NYC Pricing-

30 minute-$100

60 minute-$160

90 minute- $220

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Thursday - 9:30am-4pm


NYC Pricing-

30 minute-$100

60 minute-$160

90 minute- $220

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